Frequently Asked Questions

BriderCap, or Bridger Capital Corporation , is a private lender uniquely focused on loans for income-producing commercial real estate properties.

BridgerCap uses several sources of funds to complete your loan transactions. These may include a warehouse line from a large institution, corporate resources, a number of qualified private investors, or a combination of those sources.

We provide loans on an array of income producing commercial properties. See our Loan Criteria page for more details.

Currently, we provide loans for qualified properties located in 12 states within the Western US:

WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, UT, AZ, MT, CO, NM, OK & TX.

We intend to expand nationally within the next several years.

We are not the lender of choice for certain property types. Those include petroleum-based uses (i.e. gas stations), properties with toxic issues, car washes, houses of worship, bars, casinos, cannabis uses, undeveloped land, single-family owner-occupied, and properties subject to ground leases. See our the Lending Criteria page for more information.

There are many reasons. We all know how stringent, time-consuming and costly the process can be with conventional lenders. Plus, getting to a “yes” or “no” can be tedious, and often borrowers face last-minute demands from lenders that need to be fulfilled. At BridgerCap, we are streamlined, efficient and clear in our answers to you. We can overcome obstacles (whether property or borrower) with creative structuring that banks and other conventional lenders simply can’t or won’t do. We focus on you as a sponsor and your property to clearly assess the merits of each transaction. We are not saddled by a lengthy credit approval processes or all-too-common bank regulations. We also know that not all properties are “ready for prime time” due to certain factors. For example, a property may be transitioning or going through lease-up and not be ready for conventional financing. A BridgerCap bridge loan works well in those cases.

The principals at BridgerCap have long and highly successful careers in CRE lending and real estate capital markets. We’ve underwritten and funded over $5.0 billion in loans secured by commercial real estate and know the obstacles, both real and otherwise, faced by conventional lenders. In addition, we’ve been funding private loans for more than 20 years (our legacy company started in 1994). In the last few years, we’ve funded millions of dollars in private loans; we are experienced and know how to conduct our business in way that makes sense for us and our borrowers. Our many repeat borrowers are a testimonial to this fact.

Funding depends on your time requirements. We can fund as fast as 10 business days. Since we avoid layers of bureaucratic red tape and committee meetings, we can answer your needs quickly and crisply.

To apply for a load, simply fill out our Easy Loan Request Application. You will be asked a few simple questions to start the process. The next step is a short phone conversation with your origination representative. During that call we can gain a better understanding of your financing needs and respond back with a quote within hours.

We welcome your professional representative to work with us on structuring a loan that works for you. We often work with borrower representatives and appreciate their involvement. We also respect their relationship with you.

We will work with you to quickly assemble the required due-diligence material. Our underwriters assemble, review and verify the information you provided up front and work towards completing your loan. We will work with legal counsel and title to arrange for the documentation and funding of the loan within your desired timeframe. Immediately following funding, you will be contacted by our professional loan-servicing team to handle your monthly payment obligations.

Industry-standard closing requirements are required on all loans. This includes title insurance, legal documentation, property insurance and other lender protections. Generally, we do not require new third party reports (appraisal, environmental, engineering) for most transactions. As prudent lenders, we do have a member of our senior management team inspect every property prior to funding.

Generally, our loans do not require escrows for taxes, property insurance, replacement reserves, tenant Improvements and lease commissions. We rely upon you, our borrower, to keep those obligations current. On a case by case basis, we may require cash reserves to cover certain near term obligations.

Generally, our loans are from 12 to 36 months. We also offer interest-only payments in most cases. This feature allows for more reasonable monthly payments during the loan term.

Short term, bridge and structured finance loans typically command higher rates for a variety of reasons. Our rates on first mortgages start at 8.5%.

Not in a traditional sense. Our loans require we earn a minimum interest while the loan is outstanding. This ranges from 6 to 12 months of interest and is dependent on the loan term you request.